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'For our union employees if you have any questions about our proposal you may ask us. If you have feedback or input about our proposal you must bring that to the union, the Union is the lawful representative of our union employees. We simply want employees to know what we are offering and why.'

Questions and Answers Archive

Volume 1

  1. What is this posting for?
  2. Where do these questions come from?
  3. How often will these be published?
  4. Will there be a place to see the previous postings?
  5. What is with the disclaimer at the bottom of the page?

Volume 2

  1. Why are the negotiations taking so long?
  2. What is the difference between good and bad faith bargaining?
  3. What does "subject to voluntary bargaining" mean?

Volume 3

  1. Why did the company expand into California?
  2. Why did the company change the structure for office wages in the proposal and is it discriminatory?
  3. Is it true that this month Henry and Ann are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary?

Volume 4

  1. Hey Ed, WWJD?
  2. Is there any truth to the rumor that there has been picketing?