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'For our union employees if you have any questions about our proposal you may ask us. If you have feedback or input about our proposal you must bring that to the union, the Union is the lawful representative of our union employees. We simply want employees to know what we are offering and why.'

Healthcare Questions

Q1. Regarding the Company proposal on union employees coming to the Company healthcare plan, who has access to my medical information?

A1. No one has access to your information accept the plan administrator. In our case that is HMA. Healthcare privacy laws do not allow anyone access without your approval.


Q2. How are the Medical bills processed and paid on the Company healthcare plan?

A2. HMA manages the process for Oak Harbor, they establish the pricing with the provider network, they verify the charges are aligned with those rates, and they send us a bill monthly for the total of the months processing plus their fee - $60.00 per employee.


Q3. Is there a risk to me that the company will run out of money to pay my healthcare bills if I am under the companies plan?

A3. There is no reason to believe that Oak Harbor will run out of money to pay its bills. However, if that risk existed, it would be equally as likely that the payment to the Teamster Trust would not get paid. Letís put the question in perspective, the total of the medical bills each month plus the fee we pay to HMA costs OHFL less than the amount paid in trust premiums on a per employee basis. If OHFL got into such dire financial straits that we couldnít pay employee medical bills we would not have the funds to pay the premiums to Teamster healthcare either. OHFL is not in a financial situation where this situation is likely.


Q4. Can the company raise the employee contribution from 1% or 2%?

A4. The short answer is yes, however, Oak Harbor has kept medical benefits at no cost to the employee for many years and, even with this change, the employee received a wage increase greater than the 2% to offset this contribution. Ed and David have both committed that they do not have any plans to increase that amount in the foreseeable future. The purpose of the recent change was to stop paying for services that we not desired or needed. The employees who do not desire or need the benefit get additional pay and the company saves by not paying for what is not used.


Q5. How does the Company medical plan compare to the teamster plan?

A5. Here is a page that compares the company PPO Plan to the Teamsters Plan B healthcare comparison.pdf


Q6. How does the Company dental plan compare to the teamster plan?

A6. Here is a page that compares the company PPO Plan to the Teamsters Plan B dental comparison.pdf

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