...For Union-Represented Employees...

'For our union employees if you have any questions about our proposal you may ask us. If you have feedback or input about our proposal you must bring that to the union, the Union is the lawful representative of our union employees. We simply want employees to know what we are offering and why.'

Time Loss Benefit

Q1. How did the company come up with the cash amount offered to the union and 1 for 5 liquidation, in place of a time loss benefit?

A1. Using the numbers for 2006 the Company made an offer based on what the Company believes it was spending on the time loss benefits.

The percentage of employees that did not use ANY sick days in 2006 : 72%

Average number of sick days used by each employee: 3

The greatest majority of employees do not use sick days. They may have many days in their ‘bank’ but, if they don’t use them, they get no benefit.

The average employee uses 1 in 8 days available in their bank. Giving them 1 out of 5 days will give them 2 more days (for a full bank) than they would have gotten if we leave the bank where it is and had things run their normal course.

That means, most likely, that about 72% of our employees will get 5 days paid out on their bank and will get extra cash in excehange for days they were not using anyway.

Under the Company offer 100% of the employees would get the cash each payday and the cash will be even more valuable because it will get included into overtime where the current time loss adds nothing to overtime


Q2. If I want to purchase time loss coverage as the company has offered how much is does a time loss plan cost?

A2. You will have to contact Van Winkle agency to get a quote for a plan that meets your specific needs. 425-787-2400