...For Non-Represented Employees...

Government regulations have made the administration of sick pay very difficult and, often times, unfair to many employees.  We believe that we have a small percentage of employees who receive any benefit from this program. We feel it is much more equitable to pay all hourly employees .15 per hour in additional wage and eliminate the sick pay program.  

You now have the choice of what to do with this money. For example you could set it aside in a personal savings account to use for times when you are sick or you could use it to pay for short term disability insurance. We offer a payroll deduct program for a short term disability plan offered by Van Winkle Agency or you could shop outside for an individual plan

For those of you that have a “bank” you have 3 options: 1. you can choose to schedule eight (8) hours paid time off, within the 2008 calendar year, for every forty (40) hours in your sick bank. 2. You can elect to receive the cash value of those days. 3. You can retain your bank to be used for sick days for up to 10 years.  If elected, the cash value will be paid out by 3/30/08. Rounding will be based on a two-thirds rule. The Sick pay banks will no longer exist after January 1, 2008. HR will notify you of the number of extra personal days you will be eligible to use or be paid cash value for, the form they send you will be the document you will use to make your choice of days off or cash value. The benefit of this the days off is that you can schedule that time off, just like your personal holiday or vacation, you do not have to be sick or ill to use it. If retaining your bank, the normal rules apply to using the time, no additional time will be added to the bank and you will have to notify HR that you're using the time when your sick.

The absenteeism policy and our commitment to complying with FMLA regulations will continue so nothing will change regarding leaves or absences.