2008 wage calculator    
This calculator applies if you are hourly and started on or before December 31, 2002  
Current (2007) hourly wage      
Total Increase      
New wage      
401k contribution (0 - 7.5% matched by company)   Total 401k contribution (including Co match)
Healthcare election (emp only = 1, emp and 1 or more = 2)      
Net effective wage after benefit deductions        
Net increase in wage    

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1. Current wage is your hourly wage at the end of the calender year.
2. The company will match up your contribution into the 401k dollar for dollar up to 7.5%, you can contribute more if you wish.
3. You will see an increase in wage as long as you don't elect more benefits than you had under the previous plan, (401k = 7.5% and healthcare = 2%)